The Light of Messiah Must Burn Brightly In Our Hearts

Written by Leslie Clymer on . Posted in Hanukkah

The celebration of Chanukah focuses on the lighting of the Menorah. "Then, the light is kindled to give inspiration, for the light of Messiah must burn brightly in our hearts" (Chanukah, Mesorah Publications, Brooklyn, 1981, p.104).

Because Chanukah is a celebration of deliverance, it has also become a time to express messianic hope. We center the holiday, around Yeshua, the Hope of the World, as Moses and the prophets foretold in the Word of GOD. According to The First Jewish Catalog , p.131: In many parts of the world it is customary to devote time to communal and charitable affairs during Chanukah. There is, of course, the widespread custom of giving Chanukah gelt (money) or, more recently, presents to children and students. The intentions behind this include:

spreading light and joy,
giving incentive to study, and
hastening the coming of the Messiah.

There is a long tradition of playing games of chance during the evenings of the holiday. The most widely played game is dreidel — a derivative of an old German gambling game. The letters on each side of the dreidel have been reinterpreted from their original gambling terms, to mean: Nes Gadol Hayah Sham (a great miracle happened here). In gematria, these letters have the numerical equivalent of 358, which is the same as Messiah — jhan, as well as the phrase — GOD is King, GOD was King, GOD will be King. Amen, Amen.

We rejoice that our Jewish people were not wiped out through the anti-Semitism of Antiochus and that the Messiah came and celebrated Chanukah in the very Temple that had been cleansed and rededicated by the Maccabees. (John 10:22-23)

As we remember this Feast of Dedication, reflect upon the light of understanding and deliverance He has brought into your life. Messiah, our deliverer, has come! Let His light shine forth from your life as you too dedicate yourselves to grow into Temples for the Ruach HaKodesh (the Holy Spirit) to dwell in, consecrated unto the LORD GOD Almighty. Keep the light burning... waiting for His return!