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Whose Time Table?

Written by Gary Beasley on . Posted in Festivals

Soon it will be the Jewish year 5760 and many people are looking for the return of the Messiah after almost 2000 years since his first coming and 6,000 years of human history — Well when we get to the year 5760 do we still have 240 more years to get to 6000 years?


Are there missing years? If so where? In Chuck Missler’s September 1996 personal update there is a mention of a 166 year error between the destruction of the First Temple (586 BCE) and the destruction of the Second Temple in 70 CE. Add 586+70=656 years. In Jewish chronology the First Temple was destroyed in 3328 and the Second Temple was destroyed in 3838. Subtract 3328 from 3838 and we get 490 years. Subtract 656 years from 490 years to get the missing 166 years.

A check of history and years of the time of the First Temple shows there to be an extra thirty years in that time span. First Kings 6:1 states in the 480th year after Exodus (966 BCE), in 4th year of Solomon’s reign the Temple construction was started. Since it was destroyed in 586 BCE there would be a span of 966 - 586 = 380 years. We find that Jewish year of the start of construction was 2928 and year of destruction was 3338 - subtract 2928=410 years. 30 more extra years 410 -380 = 30 extra years.

So when this extra thirty years is added to the previous missing 166 we get 136 years missing. That is why the Jewish capture of Jerusalem by King David in 1003 BCE was celebrated in 1997. Add 1997 and 1003=3000 years. This was the Jewish year 5756 and Jerusalem was taken in 2892. Subtract 5756 - 2892 = there is only 2864 years. Subtract 3000 - 2864 for the missing 136 years.

So we know from 1st Kings 6:1 that the start of the first Temple was in 966 BCE, 480 years after the Exodus. Added together we get 966 + 480 = 1446 BCE for the Exodus.

The Jewish year chronology is correct on this time span. Exodus in your 2448 First Temple construction in 2928. 2928 - 2448 = 48&yrs.

So now we are back to Exodus 1446 BCE - year 2448. This is where chronology is not so clear. The Jewish year that Israel entered Egypt was 2238. 2448 - 2238 = 210 years.

So was there only 210 years Israel spent in Egypt? or 430 years?

11430 years in Egypt that means that 430 - 220 years more are missing, which when added to the previous 136 missing years = 356 years added to the coming year 5760 we get 6116 years. That is 116 years more that 6,000 years. So which is right? 210 years or 430 years in Egypt? (Rav. Shaul)

Apparently Paul uses Jewish chronology when he wrote in Galatians 3:16-17 that there is 430 years between God’s promise to Abraham to give them the Torah which is just after the Exodus from Egypt. The Jewish year Avraham was born was 1948. If he was 70 years old at the promise, we get the date of 2018, then add 430 years, we get 2448, which is the Jewish year of the Exodus. Also, the Torah only lists 5 generations from Jacob to Moses. Jacob was born in the year 2108, since he is 130 years old according to Genesis 47:9, in the year 2238, when Israel enters Egypt. Levi was born 2195, Kohath 2235, Amram 2255,Moses 2368.

Genealogy given in Genesis from Adam to Joseph is correct and can be proven with a calculator.

The numbers in the Genesis genealogy when added up come to 2238 years from Adam to when Jacob (Israel) enters Egypt. If Adam is year one, then Noah was born in 1056, and the flood was in 1656. Abraham was born in 1948 and Jacob in 2108.

Then if one can calculate 2238 years to the entrance into Egypt and Exodus is 210 years later, the year 2448, which is 1446 BCE. We then can add the year 2448 + 1446+2000 to get 5892 years since Adam. That’s 108 years short of 600 years. Then, if we have found the 136 years missing in Jewish chronology, since Jerusalem was taken, when added to 5760 + 136, we still get only 5896 years. We're still 104 years short of 6,000 years. And if we add the 220 more years for the time (430 years) in Egypt, we get 5896 + 220 = 6116 years. One hundred sixteen too many...

Could it be GOD is not yet ready to let us know the year of the Messiah’s return? Whenever he returns, it will be on His time table not ours.