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Reclaiming the Lost

Written by Sue Thurston on . Posted in Sukkot

On the first day of Sukkot, Rabbi Michael spoke of finding something lost. The Israelites had lost their culture.

A broken people, they returned to Israel after captivity and under the tutelage of Nehemiah they rediscovered GOD’s laws. With hungered souls they fed on the Word, and in grief and mourning turned their hearts to instruction. Upon learning that the time was GOD’s appointed festival, Sukkot, a time of praising GOD and rejoicing, the Israelites set aside their grief, built booths, prepared feasts, and rejoiced before GOD. Not since the time of Joshua had they remembered Sukkot. There was very great gladness, Neh. 8: 1-18, as they reclaimed what they had lost.

Many years ago, 15 or 20 years at least, I lost a small diamond earring. I searched diligently; but, sadly, it was nowhere to be found. I have kept its lone mate all these long years, unwilling to let it go.

Just recently I acquired another pair of earrings – just zircons – not diamonds, but again one disappeared. I casually asked my Father to help me find the lost CZ. He is, after all, a GOD who reclaims the lost. Weeks later as I pursued an evasive spider to an area rug I tugged back the corner and the CZ popped out of the carpet. I rejoiced, not for its value, but because the Father had attended to me. "What could You ever do as sweet as this?" I asked. "To return a lost earring only for my delight."

Our GOD redeems the lost; He draws them to Himself. Recall the parables. A man who has one hundred sheep and loses one rejoices at finding the one. A woman who finds one lost coin among ten will call her neighbors to rejoice. And Yeshua says: "Joy shall be in Heaven over one sinner that repents, more than over ninety-nine just persons that need no repentance." How joyous to regain something that was lost. Imagine the Israelites’ humility before GOD in their redemption from captivity, restoration to their homes, reconciliation to the Father and rediscovering GOD’s appointed holy days as part of their heritage which was a gift from GOD. There was very great gladness.

While clearing my garden this fall I searched for a storage place for some small pots. I "redeemed" an old relic of a shelf that had survived a household move and the trash by being stashed high up on a garage shelf. While fastening down a slight bulge in the back of the shelf, I discovered that the impediment was none other than my small, years and years lost diamond earring, and my words from a few weeks earlier came back to me: "What could You ever do as sweet as this." How intricately attentive to His children is the King of the Universe, how sweet and close. He restored to me what I had lost, both the old and the new together as a gift of love.

What rejoicing in Heaven when our Father reclaims souls: the dead to life, the downtrodden and outcast to glory. Each soul has great value, what rejoicing when He draws all His people to Himself. He is "altogether holy, altogether lovely, altogether wonderful" as the song goes. Our GOD of redemption reclaims the lost. All saints are in the hand of GOD, Deut. 33:3. "Once I was lost, but now I’m found," and our Messiah Yeshua promised that what He has put in his Hand will never be lost.