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Audio/Visual Ministry

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Audio/Visual is one of the most demanding--yet rewarding--departments at Rosh Pinah.  Our dedicated technicians coordinate their schedules to design and operate sound, lights, and a PowerPoint worship laptop for regular worship services and special events. 

Audio:  Our sound technicians are responsible for sound reinforcement.  That is, making sure that everyone can hear what is being said, sung or being played on the platform and in the audience.  We have a vast array of equipment being used for different applications.  There are plenty of knobs to turn and buttons to press and knowing which one, when and how much requires skill and patience.  We have set up the Audio Tech area with all the necessary tools and structure to make it user friendly.  The sound crew is responsible for producing quality sound for worship, musicals and concerts.

Visual:  Our Visual team is responsible for what gets put up on the projection screens in the sanctuary.  The techs that operate our worship laptop with a PowerPoint that projects worship songs, liturgy, and video have a demanding job.  They have to pay attention to every word sung, and spoken, in order to synchronize the slides with what the congregation hears.  Their dedication enhances our worship and teaching times.

If any of this sounds intriguing, we want you to join our Tech Team.  We will gladly help train you in whatever area you are interested in and will have you sit in the second seat, next to experienced operators before putting you out on your own.  Our techs have wonderful hearts to serve and help teach others their craft.