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An important part of a synagogue is called Beth Midrash, or House of Study.  The Rosh Pinah library helps to support this mission of being a place of study and spiritual growth.  Our library is located in the center of the building, just down the hallway from the sanctuary.  It offers a wide selection of books for children, adults, and youth in a safe, comfortable, and family-friendly environment.  The library exists to supply a collection of materials for synagogue members and friends that will provide for the support of the synagogue, its mission, and ministry, as well as serve all who seek to grow in their understanding of Judaism, Messianic Judaism, Biblical holidays, Jewish cooking, the Holocaust, and the history of Israel.  

About the Library

We offer various genres of good fiction and nonfiction.  We have more than 1,200 books and 600 videos in DVD and VHS format on a wide variety of subjects that will educate and encourage you and bolster your walk with the LORD.  We have copies of the entire Torah, books about Talmud, siddurim (prayer books), and other frequently consulted works.  We have a VHS/DVD player with a flat-screen TV to view videos.  Currently, we have only a paper catalog that lists the volumes in our library.  The library’s hours of operation are 1:00-2:00 PM on Shabbat.

Reference and Study Area

Among the numerous resources of the library are Jewish study literature, lexicons, commentaries, topical Bibles, Bible dictionaries, Bible maps, photos and illustrations, theology, apologetics and Bible study training, materials on discipleship, prayer, and devotionals.

Check-out Procedures

Please use the sign-in/sign-out sheet to borrow volumes from our library.  Books can be checked out for 2 weeks; DVDs or CD videos, for 1 week.