Dear family and friends of Rosh Pinah,

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Did you ever notice PROVERBS 22:3 or PROVERBS 27:12? A paraphrase of these verses could be this: Knowing what is coming and responding wisely is a prudent thing to do; disregarding what is coming is not. With the current pandemic of the corona virus upon us, and with a heart of love and concern for all connected to Rosh Pinah, we encourage the Rosh Pinah mishpacha/ family and friends to heed the precautionary directives issued by the Center for Disease Control (CDC). The current recommendations include a directive to avoid gatherings of 10 or more individuals. With that in mind, we have prayerfully cancelled all organized activities of Rosh Pinah including Tuesday evening Bible studies and Shabbat services and activities until, GOD willing, Shabbat, May 2, 2020. We are convinced our congregation will remain strong in the LORD during this period.

The Community Passover Seder is cancelled for 2020.  If you have registered we will refund your money or return your check.

We highly recommend during this time that you catch up on listening to some of the audio messages given this past year by the various speakers who have filled the bema. Spend quality time with your immediate loved ones. Delve into various Bible studies and topics. Those who want to contribute to the congregation can still tithe and give on-line, by mail, or by dropping their tithes off at the Rosh Pinah building in the mail slot next to the Shabbat kitchen on the north side of the building. We will continue to pay the mortgage and all other bills. Thank you for your help in accomplishing this worthwhile goal. 

Most of all, please seek the LORD while He may be found. This pandemic is something He has allowed to come upon us. Is He testing us to see how faithful we will be? Is He allowing us to know hardship and inconvenience so that Messiah might be more formed in our lives? Is He leading us through this to a place of blessing we have never experienced before? No matter what Adonai's reasons may be, we do not want to become slack in our devotion during the days ahead. Those who are faithfully His can rest assured that 'goodness and mercy' shall follow them all the days of their lives, pandemic or not. We can and should rest in His unchanging, unfailing love for each one of us.

Rabbi Michael