dance Ministry

Let them praise His name with dancing! Psalm 149:3

Our Vision

Dance is a unique part of the community worship at Rosh Pinah and in Messianic Jewish congregations throughout the world. It is a powerful form of worship for those who choose to participate. It is a way to express thoughts and feelings of praise that cannot be communicated with words. Just as lifting our hands to the LORD can express what is going on inside as we lift our hearts to the LORD, dancing can express the joy, celebration and worship we feel as we consider the goodness of GOD.

As we consider how awesome the LORD is, it is befitting to worship Him in a way that involves our entire being – our hearts, minds, bodies and voices. It is good to praise Him with dancing!

Dance in Unity

When we meet each week on Shabbat, we dance together in unity. Many of the dances are based on Israeli folk dances and are performed in a circle. Israeli folk dancing appeared with the restoration of the Jewish people to their own land more than 60 years ago. 

These dances reflected the joy of a people returning to their own land. Interestingly, just as we have seen the emergence of dance with the physical restoration of the Jewish people to their land, we have also seen the emergence of dance with the spiritual restoration of the Jewish people to their Jewish Messiah, Yeshua.

Dance with Joy

Are you full of joy? Come dance! Dancing is a great way to express this joy. Do you feel a deep level of worship to the LORD from your heart? Come dance! Dancing is a way of expressing worship that words cannot convey. Are you feeling down? Come dance! Offering a sacrifice of praise to the LORD is pleasing to Him, and dancing can be very uplifting. Do you feel exceedingly grateful to the LORD for all He has done? Come dance! This type of dance is a very powerful form of worship.

davidic Dance Instruction

Dance classes are at 2:00-3:30 pm each Shabbat. The focus is on teaching the congregational worship dances we dance unto the LORD each week.