Tuesday Bible Study

Each Tuesday evening we gather for a mid-week Bible study and prayer time.

Both the prayer time and the Bible study time is held in the West Wing of our building. The prayer time, led by our shamashim (deacons), begins at 6:15. From 7:15 – 8:30 we have a time of fellowship and bible study, led by Rabbi Michael Weygant as well as other teachers. Visitors are welcome to join us in our Tuesday evening activities.

Click on this link download or view our 2021 Tuesday Bible Study Series

This schedule is subject to needful change

Heroes of Faith

November 23 - Shmu'el haNavi

November 30 - Yirmiyahu haNavi

December 7 - Yehezqel haNavi

December 14 - Miriam, Em Yeshua

December 21 - The Magi of the East

messianic vision

December 28 - Casting Messianic Vision for a New Year