A child’s first seeds of faith are often planted during their formative years. Rosh Pinah Synagogue’s nursery is available for infants and toddlers up to age four. It is a caring, nurturing environment where your child can experience God's love. It provides parents the opportunity to attend worship services, knowing that their young children are in a safe and nurturing place. 

Signing In

We ask that you sign in on the sheet by the Nursery entrance each Shabbat. We welcome you to stay until your child is comfortable, but keep in mind that most children settle in a few minutes after your departure.  

No reservations are required. Snacks and a drink will be served during nursery time. Please inform nursery workers if your child has food allergies or restrictions.

Health Guidelines

For the protection of all children and caregivers, please do not bring your child to the Nursery if he or she is ill. If a child becomes ill while in the nursery, the parents will be asked to take the child home. Nursery staff cannot administer medication. Nursery ministers will not give medication to children.

What to Bring

Please bring a labeled bag which includes a pacifier (if your child uses one), at least two diapers, a change of clothes, and all personal items your child may need such as wipes, ointment, bottles, and/or comforting blankets. All personal items should be labeled before arrival. If you forget diapers and wipes, we have some on hand.

Safety Information

There is a minimum of two adult caregivers in the nursery at all times. The caregivers have successfully completed a background check and been vetted by leadership. People not scheduled to work in the nursery will not be permitted in the nursery. Children will be released only to parents or others a child’s parents have prearranged with the nursery workers. Parents will be contacted if a child is upset or becomes ill. We strive to make our nursery a safe, caring place for our children