Covid-19 Update - July 22, 2020

In case you have not realized or were somehow misinformed, we reopened Rosh Pinah for Shabbat service and Tuesday evening prayer and Bible study on June 13, 2020. Seeing many of you at regularly scheduled Rosh Pinah functions has been a great blessing. The powerful presence of the Holy Spirit has been obvious, too.

On Shabbat, July 4th (Independence Day), we joyously announced our ‘independence’ from the bank mortgage/ lien on our facility. We now own the building and property out right! If you are investing in Rosh Pinah, your investment is paying dividends. We thank you in the Name of our LORD Yeshua, the Center of our Messianic Jewish community.

To be clear, there is no restriction on the number of members, friends and visitors who want to attend our services. Since reopening, Shabbat Worship Services have been very well attended. Plus, first time visitors have joined us each week. Our Tuesday Prayer time and Bible study in the sanctuary are also well received, with good attendance and a good level of participation. We are also hosting Zoom Shabbaton sessions each Saturday at 2:15 pm. These have been well attended, too.

We appreciate everyone’s savlanut (סבלנות or patience) as we walk through this challenging pandemic together as a mishpacha (family). The precautionary steps we are now taking reflect a genuine care for each participant at Rosh Pinah.



1. Access to the facility will continue to be through the West Entrance. We will monitor temperatures and list those attending service. We realize such precautions may make some uncomfortable. Please know the list of people and temperatures are not shared with any government agency. They are locked securely in a file cabinet. The list will be destroyed when we resume normal operations. Our purpose is to have an accurate contact list in the event someone in attendance contracts Covid-19. We want to do our part protecting the health and safety of everyone at Rosh Pinah. Your well-being is important to us.

2. Please continue to wash your hands and use hand sanitizer. We have hand sanitizer available as needed. The City of Oklahoma City and the State of Oklahoma strongly encourage the wearing of face masks at all times. Use of face masks is also strongly encouraged by the Elders of Rosh Pinah. Doing so helps prevent the spread of Covid-19.  At this point, it is up to you to decide whether to wear a face mask as you attend Rosh Pinah. We do encourage anyone with significant health issues to be sure to follow the guidelines of their personal physician. Older congregants and anyone with underlying health concerns should consult their physician before attending Rosh Pinah. Families with children should be aware that until further notice there is no babysitting or children's classes during Rosh Pinah functions. To those who choose to remain at home rather than attend meetings at our synagogue facility, please know we love you and sincerely pray His blessings upon you just as we do for those who choose to attend.  Please do not feel any condemnation whether you attend or don't attend.  You are loved by the LORD and by your friends and 'mishpacha' at Rosh Pinah. At the very least, we can all stay in touch via Zoom. Rosh Pinah offers Shabbaton Zoom meetings at 2:15 PM most Shabbats; this Zoom meeting is open to everyone. For more information about this or other Zoom meetings, please contact the Rosh Pinah office at:

3. We ask that you maintain physical distance. Please refrain from embracing others, shaking hands, or holding hands. We understand the desire to dance in worship during the service. We ask that there be no dancing in the building during services. This situation is temporary but these guidelines remain in effect until official notification from the Elders of Rosh Pinah.

4. We will continue audio recording of the Shabbat services until video is available. Our goal is to eventually live stream all Shabbat services online. We are researching so as to purchase equipment to record and edit Shabbat Services and Tuesday Bible studies. In the meantime, our focus has been on several expensive facility issues including repair of the aging air condition system in the sanctuary.

The Rosh Pinah Elders are praying that you prosper, remain healthy, and continue to grow in Messiah during this unusual time. We hope to see you at our regular functions as listed above. Thank you for your prayers and support. Both are needed and appreciated.